Emma Jayne Park (Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre)
(Image Iza Korsak)

Carrying the innate values of hip hop culture whilst exploring new territories in theatre, Emma Jayne Park makes socio-political dance theatre with the intention of creating genuine dialogue.  'High Octane... energetic, witty & playful' (The Skinny), her practice asks audiences to engage through questioning their own social norms and their consequences.  This work is complemented by her dedication to the development of people centred participation programmes and socially innovative advocacy work.

From rural South West Scotland, influenced by hip hop and schooled in contemporary dance, EJP is keen to communicate between urban and rural environments.  Following training in contemporary dance in Scotland, EJP completed an internship at DNA, Manhattan and apprenticeship with Company Chordelia, Glasgow.  She has since worked with a variety of practitioners such as Conflux (Ricardo Puccetti/ Patrick Nolan), Ocean All Over, Angus Balbernie, Norman Douglas, Freshmess, Barrowland Ballet, Gibert Deflo and Gary Clarke.

Committed to developing her creative voice, EJP has travelled across Europe learning intensively from practitioners such as Alan Greig, Ivo Dimchev, Katie Duck, Rasmus Olme, David Gordon, Liz Lerman, Nicole Piesl and Alva Noe. Further receiving mentorship from Christine Devaney, Jonzi D and Jonathan Burrows through the choreographic development initiatives of Breakin’ Convention.

Although branding her work dance theatre, EJP explores spoken word, physical theatre, immersive techniques, design and interdisciplinary collaboration to strengthen the quality and communication within her work.  Each piece takes a unique form focussed on generating a powerful experience and occasionally walking the line between dance and live art. 

Founding Cultured Mongrel as a means for her practice to impact the sector beyond simply touring work, she has established several unique working methodologies with a focus on supporting creative development, pushing the form and sustaining the sector. These include Permanent Visitor, #TheSoloFilter and Suspended Theatre Tickets.

Telephone +44 (0)781 685 2315
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Website www.culturedmongreldance.com

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