How do I edit my class or event, or repeat event?

Login from the memebers sub menu then choose from the class or event menus the listing you want to edit.

When the detail of your class or event is open you should see a pen icon pen on the top right hand side of the screen.

Click on the pen icon and select the the appropriate edit from the dropdown:



What is the difference between registration and public profile?

By registering you become a member of dance galloway and the information you provide when you complete the form is used by dance galloway to keep you informed of events etc. This information is not public and will not be shared with other organisations without your permission.

When you fill out your public profile form that information goes onto the website to let people see who you are and what you do. If you share your email or contact details on this form they will be public.


What is the difference between name and user name on the profile form?

You create a user name when you register and you can link this to your profile, this would ideally be the name of the person who will run the event or class or the person running the dance school. When you fill in your public profile it's good to use the same name or the name of the organsiation in the box marked Name, because this will show on the public profile.


When i'm creating a new location there are some options I don't understand, how should I set these?

They are set to the correct default: